How to Plan a Carnival-Themed Corporate Event

A carnival-themed corporate event is a fun way to boost morale and bring employees together outside of their normal work environment. Planning a carnival party does require some time and effort to get all the details right. Follow these tips to create a memorable and engaging carnival event for your company.

Pick a Suitable Venue

The venue you choose will set the tone for your corporate carnival. Consider booking an outdoor space like a park or parking lot so you have plenty of room for games, rides and food stands. Another option is renting out a large hall or event center. Make sure the venue allows you to bring in carnival elements like game booths.

Send Out Carnival-Themed Invitations

Get employees excited by sending out colorful, festive invitations. Print out tickets or passes to make it feel like a real carnival. Include details like when and where the event will take place and if there is a specific dress code, like carnival or circus costumes. Offer prizes for the best dressed to encourage everyone to really get into the theme.

Plan Engaging Carnival Games

No carnival is complete without fun and silly games. Plan activities that get employees interacting and competing in a friendly way. Classic carnival games like ring toss, balloon darts, sack races and pie eating contests are great options. Offer small prizes for game winners. Have enough activities so guests can rotate through various games.

Offer Carnival Rides and Attractions

Look at popular carnival rides like a ferris wheel rental, or carousel and bumper cars to create an authentic experience. Also, consider fun attractions like stilt walkers, magicians, face painters and balloon artists to entertain guests throughout the event. These interactive elements make for great photo ops as well.

Provide Classic Carnival Foods

Feed guests classic carnival fare like popcorn, candy apples, snow cones, and fried snacks. Offer tickets so employees can sample different food items from various booths. Drinks like lemonade, soda, and fruit punch also help quench thirst on a hot day. Be sure to have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available for any dietary needs.

Create a Festive Environment

Bright colors, balloons, streamers and signs will transform any venue into a carnival. Play upbeat music to keep energy levels high. Make sure sound equipment is suitable for any performances or announcements. Have tents and seating areas so guests can take a break from all the action.

Capture Memories with Photos

Assign someone to be the event photographer to document all the fun moments. Employees can pose with stilt walkers or get a group shot after sack races. Set up a photo booth with silly carnival props for great snapshots. Provide prints or digital copies to employees as souvenirs after the big day.

Planning every detail from tickets to games will help create an unforgettable carnival experience. Most importantly, make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the rides, food, and activities in a relaxing environment outside of the office. A successful carnival event will bring the entire company together for camaraderie and lasting memories.

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