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Social media refers to a platform, online service, or website that is designed to build, reflect and, of course, organize social relationships that are visualized in the form of social graphs. In social media it is allowed to share any kind of information (i.e. audio, video), organize their blogs, macro, and microblogs, as well as create profiles with the reflection of both real and false information about themselves. In addition, in social media, all friends are not some kind of virtual bots, but quite real people, with their own stories and interests.

Social media empowers people to stay connected which is extremely relevant in recent times due to Corona and the required social distancing. Social media platforms allow to stay in touch and share precious experiences and beautiful moments of life. Students can also share the study materials there and help each other. They can also contact online services for academic writing and pay for essays online. This way they can ensure having high grades and improved writing skills.

You should note that it is wrong to consider such popular resources as Livejournal, foursquare, and Twitter as social media because all of them are characterized by a small number of possible actions available. The priority of these services is not the exchange of real information about themselves.

Social media allows creating a public or partially public profile, creating a list of friends, and then maintaining relationships with them.

Some social media are popular only in one country. For instance, MySpace and Facebook are popular in North America and Germany, Bebo in the UK, Orkut, and Renren in Asia, while in Post-Soviet countries Telegram is widely used.

Using social media, it should be remembered that there are dangers because the information provided by the user is free to access. Therefore, any other user can use it for their purposes.
For example, in this way, it is possible to identify bad taxpayers, criminals, or even treason. But even with all their diversity, social media have similarities: creating a profile with information about oneself, photo albums, video, and audio recordings, and a wall where comments can be made by the owner of the page and his friends. Allowed to download a variety of applications, which purpose is to keep the user on social media.

TopFace is present on almost every social media. After all, you can not only post their photos and view (evaluate other people’s) but also meet beautiful and interesting people for a follow-up meeting. The differences between them are mainly in appearance and the name of the buttons. For example, VKontakte is reminiscent of the old Facebook, for which Paul Durov once paid a price.

But why do social media attract students and why do more and more students decide to register at least in one media?

Some even have profiles on several platforms at the same time. Naturally, this way you can get into a page of a girl you like and find very interesting information about her, which can later surprise her. Students can exchange different kinds of information, like photos from a recent gathering, exam preparation tips, memes, and jokes about teachers. Social media enables students to tell about themselves and share precious experiences. For example, to post on the feed a song, a video where the owner of the page together with his band performs his song, or a picture drawn personally by the user. It’s also a good chance to become a different person, at least for a while, because in a qualitatively basic photo, you can put not yourself, but some ultra edited photo, where the owner of the page beautiful pumped-up young man, though in life is not so.

Social media opens up great opportunities for students, but we should not forget that because of social media many students forget about their studies, because on the other side of the screen, their life is beautiful: there are many people and constant correspondence. At this point, even a few scientific papers were written to identify how social media affect the performance of students. But you need to use it in moderation. Like with everything else, there should be a balance when using social media.

Here are a few tips to get inspired when creating an SM post:

Dreams. There were times in my life when I tried to keep a dream journal – to write down everything I dreamt in a notebook that lay by my bed. Not because it could tell me anything about me, my past, or my future. Some dreams are too crazy for the common understanding.

Poetry. The truly beautiful poetry inspires others to live, love, and write. Great poetry has excellent style, rhythm, wordplay, and musicality it can bring to life creative ideas.

Reading literature. Do we need to comment here?

“Free Writing.” It is an excellent way to remove fears and “writer’s block”. Put aside all the self-judgment and criticism, and write down whatever comes to your mind. Let it be creative, flowing, and crazy. Don’t judge what you write. Just let go of the flow of words. You may end up with a pile of garbage, but it will at least help remove the block, at most, it will reveal something worthwhile among the pile of garbage. If you need extra help with writing contact the best essay writing service Reddit for support. Qualified experts can help you with style and grammar.

Flickr. This website has fascinating photos: If sculptures and paintings show unattainable heights, photos of the most talented people on Earth are something that ordinary people can do if they try hard enough. Pictures of nature, space, and other people are especially inspiring.

Change. If you usually go to work one way, try another. Try to change something in your daily routine. For example, wake up a few hours earlier and enjoy watching the sunrise. If you usually watch TV in the evenings, try reading or writing instead. Cheer up.

Success Stories. There are many writers’ success stories that are sure to inspire you. Many writers had very dramatic childhood and numerous life obstacles, which makes their stories even more fascinating.

Observe. You can watch people in any public place, like a shopping mall, café, or theatre. It is not boring at all, actually, it’s a fun thing to do. There is nothing more inspiring than life itself.

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